What some of my clients are saying

"Soldier of Fortune co-publisher/attorney and I have worked with Peter Shaddock for quite some time. We have found his services invaluable to our publications and to our other intellectual property holding companies. He is knowledgeable, timely and very approachable.  And best of all, he is a friend of the 2nd Amendment. I highly recommend him."
Robert K. Brown - Publisher

"Pete is my go-to guy for all things trademark related - he is a gun guy who also knows how to protect you and your brand.  Highly recommended.”    
Larry Vickers - Host, TacTV

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"We have been extremely impressed with Pete’s professionalism, knowledge and competence within this niche industry. As a business that provides professional instruction in firearms and tactics to the Military, Law Enforcement Agencies and the private sector, it is important that we select the services of professionals that understand what we do. Pete’s knowledge of the firearms industry is second to none in his field, which not only increases the efficiency and productivity of our meetings but also makes for interesting and entertaining conversations."
Jason M. Falla - Director of Training, Redback One 

"Pete was our first and only choice for protecting our ideas in our new business venture! When my wife and I decided to start a retail business selling our own brand of merchandise, we knew we had to be different than everyone else in order to stand out and be successful.  But uniqueness has to be protected!  Through his experience and expertise, Pete knew immediately how to protect our company and brand, and wasted no time in doing so.  He explained to us everything we needed to know about the process and was always quick to respond to any questions or concerns we had.  He is a true professional who understands the importance of establishing and protecting the property interests of entrepreneurs.  We are so grateful!  With so many competitors and copycats in the marketplace, protecting your brand is paramount and it has to be done right the first time.  Pete makes sure that it is!"
Jim and Cindy Moody -  Owners, The Horse and Gator

"From my first meeting with Pete, I could tell that he had been around the block with people in the Special Operations field.  Placing my laser sight prototype on the conference table drew immediate recognition from Pete as to the construction, material, design, purpose and intended use of the device.  The familiarization Pete has with the inner workings of the Law Enforcement and Special Operations communities is a direct benefit to each of his clients.  It’s this in-depth knowledge of what we do and why we do it that makes him a trusted professional.  Pete’s exceptional service to the industry is due to his thorough knowledge and experience with the intricacies of complex patent law.  I wouldn’t have anyone other than Pete protect my intellectual property."
Don Noha – Inventor, “Crux” Laser Sight

"Peter has represented DDI Signs for over 10 years. He is always professional and genuinely interested in us as a company.  He helped us with our Business Trademarks and a new product we developed for the Ice Rink Industry.
From Infringement to Domain Name Disputes, he has successfully defended and protected our brands.  I highly recommend Peter to anyone that is really serious about your Trademarks or Patents.  I would not trust anyone else to represent us. "
Barbara Newsome - President DDI Signs®

"Knowledgeable, patient, reliable and experienced! We are trainers and educators of law enforcement and responsible civilians.  We teach people how to protect themselves. Peter taught us how to protect our company.  We also exist in a very competitive market. It is a comfort knowing that we have a professional who is willing to battle on our behalf should we ever require it."
Lou Ann Hamblin, MA - Principal, LouKa Tactical Training

"It is imperative to enlist the service of professionals that understand not only their trade, but also the business in which we're engaged.  The importance of Pete's knowledge and passion in firearms and components can't be over-stressed, it has given us distinct advantages, his expert advice and guidance is indispensable in many critical areas of our operation."
Roger Wang - VP, Battle Arms Development

“I have known Peter for about ten years and worked with him regularly in my former position as Intellectual Property Director at BLACKHAWK!; the industry’s leading manufacturer of military and police gear. At a company driven by both innovation and branding, he and I worked together closely on a large number of successful Patent filings, several Patent defenses, and numerous Trademarking matters. His attention to detail was matched only by his willingness to learn everything he could about the extremely wide range of products we made and the markets we were in. That kind of thoroughness makes all the difference in not just getting an application granted but in making it truly worthwhile (i.e. truly valuable) to the inventor or the user of the mark.
Since leaving BLACKHAWK!, I have sent several people Pete’s way and all of them were extremely satisfied with his approach to their work; regardless of the size or scope of their business. The world of Small Arms and Police & Military Equipment is a very specialized one filled with a wide range of technical obstacles and trademarking idiosyncrasies. Few people understand that as well as Peter Shaddock.”
Tom Marx - TMx Consulting

"I have worked with Pete for several years now on a new product we would like to take to market. He has worked with us from the products inception and has carefully guided us every step of the way. I feel very comfortable in knowing that our idea was protected. Pete has been an absolute professional, whom I have asked for advice many times along the way. I would highly recommend Pete's services to anyone who has an idea for a product that would like to take to market someday."
Hugh Avery - President, New Concept Technologies

"We've worked with Pete though the entire process of bringing our ideas and products to market. His guidance helped shape our initial concepts into a successful business with technology protected by multiple patents, marks and corporate filings. We've consistently benefited from his command of the complex law, policy and regulation attendant to intellectual property."
Andy Willman & George Willman - Inventors of Total Eclipse technology - Dynamic Analysis, LLC 

"Pete has handled all our patent issues over the years.  The combination of his understanding the technical issue as well as the patent process greatly enhanced the breadth, scope, and quality of our patents.  These patents ultimately led to a successful licensing agreement with a larger company.  I continue to recommend him to my business colleagues."
Dr. Paul A. Robinson - President & CEO of AeroTech Research (USA), Inc.

"I was very impressed with Peter's immediate grasp  of our product's unique features and benefits, along his genuine enthusiasm in seeing that we succeed.  He also has good general business law background that is a great asset for a small business like ours to draw from. Peter is always approachable, available and a pleasure to do business with."
Terry Siviter - Hammerhead Boarding Products LLC

"With his help, Peter Shaddock successfully got our company name back from a copy cat without having to go to court. Great service."
Jeff Caplan - President, Odometer Gears, Ltd.

"Peter Shaddock is a uniquely qualified trademark Attorney that really cares about his clients. After amazing recommendations from other clients of Peter, I was eager to speak with him.  With only a couple of phone calls, Peter saved my business from the great expense and hassle of having to change the name and completely rebrand. This all ended with a very nice letter and apology from the accusing company.
I highly recommend Peter to anyone who has need of an intellectual property attorney. Like in anything it's humbling to find the best, and we are lucky to have found Peter."
Derek Vanderhorst - Owner, Summit Post

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